Due to instructor injury, we are going to put the “Intermediate/Advanced with Lara” Monday evening class on a one-month break. It will resume on Monday, November 4th at 6pm.

Class cancellation!

Lara was in a minor car accident on Sunday and needs to do some rest and healing for a few days so there will be no Wednesday night classes tonight. This includes “Gentle Belly Dance for Any Body” and “Belly Dance Fundamentals.”

If you normally come to this class, please RSVP to the email address on our “Contact Us” page or on our facebook page. I will start calling folks who have not replied yet at 4:30pm to ensure everyone gets the message.

Did you know we offer discounts on our monthly fees? The more classes you take, the bigger the discount! We love to see you in class more often! Bring a friend or a family member and you gain rewards and discounts as well!

Fall Fees

Hello everyone!

Summer is drawing to a close and it’s time to start getting ready for fall classes!

Our first week of September will be all sampler classes. Just $5 to try any sampler class. Please note the sampler classes are 45 minutes only; regular classes will be priced differently and will be 75 minutes long.

Please spread the word about our classes. Enrollment this fall is going to be a super big part of a major decision for the studio’s future.

Now is the time to join. Don’t delay – there might not be a later!

Here is the schedule for the sampler classes next week:

  • 6pm Monday: $5 Sampler Class for Intermediate / Advanced Belly Dance
  • 6pm Tuesday : $5 Sampler Class for Level 1 Improvisation Tribal Style Belly Dance
  • 6pm Wednesday: $5 Sampler Class for Gentle Belly Dance for Any Body
  • 7:30pm Wednesday: $5 Sampler Class for Belly Dance Fundamentals
  • 6pm Thursday: $5 Sampler Class for Special Topics for Tribal Style Dancers
  • 2pm Saturday, Sept 7: $5 Sampler Class for Bhangra and Bollywood: A World Dance Workout
  • 3:30pm Saturday, Sept 7 : $5 Sampler Class for Hoop Dance class

During Sampler Week you may come meet our instructors, try out a class or two and register for the regular session that will begin the second week of September, with first day of full classes being September 9.

August 2013


Friday, August 23


Saturday & Sunday, August 24-25

Download flier here: http://spaceformovementstudio.com/promo/2013.08_Farima.pdf

Early bird registration is over. You may use these Paypal links for regular registration now.

Workshop Options


Please help us determine the best way to schedule our classes for this fall by answering the following short survey?  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/98XGG8V

The Space for Movement Studio Annual Shop and Swap will be held Sunday, April 14 from 1-4pm.
Set up will start at 12pm. Sellers should contact the studio to reserve a “space.”

A few changes to our Shop and Swap:
- Sellers pay $5 each; there is no splitting of a table or space anymore.

- This is going to be a “floor-friendly event” instead of doing tables. Feel free to bring  something to lie out and have under your items, but it should be no larger than a single flat bed sheet or a regular-sized tablecloth.

A note about our Shop and Swap: previously we held the Shop and Swap every six months at the studio, but the turnout was just not very good in our fall Shop and Swap, so I’m planning on doing this as an annual event for the time being, at least until our April one gets so big that we decide that we need two a year. This is the only time we will host a Shop and Swap this year, so be sure to try to make it!

And here is a link to printable pdf flier for the event: http://spaceformovementstudio.com/promo/2013.04_ShopAndSwap.pdf

Taught by Elzbeth Adams

Class will be held from 6:30 – 7:30pm on the second and forth Friday of the month for six weeks as follows:

Friday, March 22
Friday, April 12
Friday, April 26
Friday, May 10
Friday, May 24
Friday, June 14

Class fee: $60 pre-registration. Punch cards may be used. Walk-in fee $12.



Effective immediately, the Wednesday night yoga for dancers class is canceled.

Hoping to come up with a new class to fill that time slot soon!

Space for Movement Studio presents IditaRaqs!
A Weekend of Dance & Workshops by Local Instructors
Workshops held March 2-3, 2012
Plus a Hafla on Sunday night 5 – 8pm

Registration form here: http://spaceformovementstudio.com/documents/2013_IditaRaqsRegistration.pdf


What is IditaRaqs?

A weekend of workshops featuring instruction from our community in Fairbanks!

Previously held the same weekend as the Yukon Quest, now held the same month as the Iditarod. This is a chance for local instructors and performers to showcase some of the talents not normally found in their regular classes. Held over two days, we will have dance, movement and costuming topics to choose from.

Dance classes only $110, pre-registration. Add-on drum class for just $10 more!
Dance classes only $130, at the door, space permitting. Add-on drum class for just $10 more!

Saturday all day – $60 pre-registration
Saturday all day – $70 at the door, space permitting

Sunday all day – $60 pre-registration
Sunday all day – $70 at the door, space permitting

Or pick and choose your dance classes:
$35 Single class, pre-registration
$40 at the door, space permitting

Drum class:
$10 as add-on to any other class pre-registration
$15 ala carte or at the door, space permitting

10:30 – 12:30pm
Tribal Style Duets and Trios with Joyce Young. We will cover some of the fun things we can do in duet and trio formations while doing Improvisational Tribal Style Dance. A background in dance is best, with at least some Improv Tribal Style experience being optimal.

12:30 – 2:00
Lunch Break

2:00 – 4:00pm
Spins, Turns and Floorwork with Lara Lotze. Like to spin but think you could use some refinement? Want to be able to make your floorwork more dynamic? Come to this workshop to learn how!

4:30 – 5:30
Drumming Workshop with Elzbeth. Has it been a while since you picked up your drum and gave it some attention? Never had a chance to drum and want to give it a try? This is your chance! Elzbeth will cover a variety of Middle Eastern Rhythms in this workshop!


10:30 – 12:30pm
Souzana’s 7 Shimmies and 7 Variations. Why use only one or two types of shimmies in your dancing?! Diversify! Includes technique and practice of: Rotation Shimmy (Omi), Freeze, Earthquake, Afro Shimmy, Samba Shimmy, Egyptian Thigh Shimmy and Hagalah.

12:30 – 2:00
Lunch Break

2:00 – 4:00pm
Bhangra and Bollywood Dance Workout with Joyce Young . Featuring folk dance and movement pulled primarily from the region of Punjab in India, Bhangra dance is fun and easy to do. Bollywood is the ultimate fusion of dances, pulling movement and inspiration from classical Indian dance forms, as well as modern dance forms and belly dance. This workshop will have an emphasis on moving and exercise with low to high impact options good for anyone regardless of dance background.

Sunday Hafla. Please bring a dish to share.