Hello ladies and gents,
For those that want to prepay for classes next week, I have enabled my square credit card online store so you can now pay with your credit card for classes here: https://squareup.com/market/space-for-movement-studio

Please note there are two prices, early bird with the discount to pay early and regular class prices. For September the Early Bird rates will stay up through the weekend and I’ll take them down by end of day Sunday, September 7th.

In future I’ll have the button available the last 10 days of the month so that early bird can be paid online as well.
Right now we only have Tuesday classes that are for the full month of September, which is why those are the only ones listed with Early Bird or Monthly Fees for now. There is a Pro-rated section with options for “Add on For Bhangra” or for those that do L3/Prep.