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First of all, I’m really very sorry to do this, but I wanted to let you all know that I’ll be putting all non-performance related classes on hold indefinitely. I’ll be issuing refunds for those that had just signed up for taking non-performance dance classes. This could take me more than a week to figure out so please be patient with me.

If you are signed up for Level 1, Level 2 and/or Yoga for March, those fees will be refunded. If you have a current punch card specifically for any of these classes, the prorated value of any remaining punches will be refunded. If you paid through square, refunds are easy. If you paid by cash or check, I’ll be writing checks and mailing them. Please be sure to email me with your mailing address if you expect a refund and are not sure I have your mailing address.

Due to a death in the family I need to cancel all classes starting from tomorrow, Sunday 8, 2015, for at least a week. I’ll post more when I know more……

Please, no phone calls for the time being. I appreciate your love and support, but I can barely talk about this and would really like to have some time to myself for a while.

Hi everyone,

Just in case there was any doubt, classes are on for tonight. The weather has warmed up to a balmy -18 at the airport and I’m on the upswing of this cough. I’m still not up to much dancing myself, so please come prepared to work today!

Yoga for Dancers at 6pm
Basket and skirt dance choreography at 7:30

Also, since classes were canceled last week, I’m still offering early bird rates through the end of this week. You may pay in class today or online (the early bird rates disappear on Saturday!)

See you soon!

I’m terribly sorry but I’m going to have tp cancel classes for today, Sunday, Feb. 1. My reaction to the last week’s “cloud of poison” that covered and encapsulated the Fairbanks area is still pretty bad and I’m having a really hard time breathing so Bhangra is just out of question for today.

Please RSVP to this if you normally come to Bhangra or L3 on Sunday, so I know everyone has got this. I’ll start making calls just before 1pm today.

The temperature is finally warmer and I’m looking forward to getting back to classes this week! See you soon!