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First of all, I’m really very sorry to do this, but I wanted to let you all know that I’ll be putting all non-performance related classes on hold indefinitely. I’ll be issuing refunds for those that had just signed up for taking non-performance dance classes. This could take me more than a week to figure out so please be patient with me.

If you are signed up for Level 1, Level 2 and/or Yoga for March, those fees will be refunded. If you have a current punch card specifically for any of these classes, the prorated value of any remaining punches will be refunded. If you paid through square, refunds are easy. If you paid by cash or check, I’ll be writing checks and mailing them. Please be sure to email me with your mailing address if you expect a refund and are not sure I have your mailing address.

Hi everyone,

Just in case there was any doubt, classes are on for tonight. The weather has warmed up to a balmy -18 at the airport and I’m on the upswing of this cough. I’m still not up to much dancing myself, so please come prepared to work today!

Yoga for Dancers at 6pm
Basket and skirt dance choreography at 7:30

Also, since classes were canceled last week, I’m still offering early bird rates through the end of this week. You may pay in class today or online (the early bird rates disappear on Saturday!)

See you soon!

Reminder for those that pay by the month or session (does not apply to punch card holders, although any extra classes scheduled are open for attendance):


If I need to cancel a class (due to cold or my own illness) I do try to schedule a makeup/open studio class time.

If a student misses a class when they have paid for the month or session, you may drop into any other class that is at your level (or open level like yoga or Bhangra) within the next calendar month at no charge. To attend the makeup class, just sign in at the beginning of the class and when you initial please also put the date you are doing a makeup for (e.g. you missed Level 2 of a Tuesday, Nov 11 of a session-based class you paid by the month/session for, attended a Level 1 Tuesday December 9th class in place so you would put 11/11 next to your initial). If it goes longer than that, the opportunity is past and I won’t be able to offer the makeup opportunity.

WHEN: Saturday, February 7, 2015 (4-7pm)

WHERE: Elbow Room Dance Studio, downtown Fairbanks

WHAT: Shop for new, and gently used belly-dance related items!

Things you might find at a shop and swap: complete professional and beginner level costumes at super discounted prices! Belly Dance DVDs and CD’s, hip scarves, costume skirts, harem pants, tops, and other class wear, jewelry, props, cover-ups, costuming supplies, other accessories and much more!

SELLERS: Come 30 minutes early to set up. Cost is $5 for floor space/bring your own table (one per seller please!), $10 for a table. Each seller is allowed to bring a rack to hang items too, but please limit your items to the one table and the rack.

BUYERS: Free to come in and shop!



This is the schedule for the month of December, plus what is coming in January. Also, a Dancer Shop and Swap is in the works for end of January or the beginning of February. Stay tuned for more details!
December classes:
• Tuesday’s Level 2 and Level 1 classes run through December 16, with an extra “drills-only class” (one per level) scheduled for December 23 as a makeup for a missed/canceled November class. If you paid for the session or the month in November, then the class on December 23rd is no charge. You may also attend the class on December 23rd as a drop-in or punch-card participant if you were not a monthly- or session-based student in November.

• Sunday’s 3:30pm Level 3 will only meet December 7 and 14.

• Sunday’s 2pm Bhangra class is on all month long! That’s right, no breaks! Come and sweat and laugh out any of those extra treats or stressors you might be enduring during the busy holidays.

New Year schedule:

• Level 1 Tribal Style Improv starts with a brand new eight-week session on Tuesday, January 6th. Bring a friend who had never come to class and get $10 each off the registration fees!

• Level 2 Tribal Style Improv will also resume on Tuesday, January 6th. Early bird can be paid at Bhangra on Dec 28 or online the last week of December.

• Level 3 Tribal Style Improv / Performance Prep will start Sunday January 4th.

• Bhangra / Bollywood will start Sunday January 4th. For the new year this class will be part workout and part choreography in order to prepare for the upcoming performance season. Participation in performances is not required to attend our classes. New students are welcome to join us!

• New class starting Thursday, January 15th – tribal style group basket dance. This 14-class choreography-based session will cover techniques and a choreography to be used in the upcoming performance season (baskets will be provided for use and may be purchased if you wish!). Participation in performances is not required to attend our classes, however we do ask you commit to the full four months (Jan – Apr). Students should have at least one year of belly dance technique or have been moved to Level 2 in my ITS classes. Please ask if you are not sure!

• Possible class starting Thursday, January 15th – Yoga for Dancers – please RSVP if you would like to see this added to the schedule!

Too many words confusing the issue for you? Check out the calendar here instead!


Hello everyone,


This is our fall class schedule.  Please note that not all classes start at the same time in the month.


Also, I’ve updated the website with all the class information to be on the website.


Looking forward to getting back in the classroom!



Starting Tuesday, September 9th

Tuesdays, 6pm:  Improvisational Tribal Style Belly Dance – Level 1

Tuesdays, 7:15pm:  Improvisational Tribal Style Belly Dance – Level 2



Starting Sunday, September 21st
Sundays: 2pm:  Bhangra and Bollywood: A World Dance Workout

Sundays: 3:30pm: Performance Prep for Improvisational Tribal Style



Tentatively starting Thursdays, October 2nd

Thursdays, 6pm:  Dance Conditioning (we need a minimum of five students registered by September 15 for this class for it to remain on the schedule.)

Thursdays, 7:15pm:  Tribal Fusion Drills / Sword Choreography Class (we need a minimum of five students registered by September 15 for this class for it to remain on the schedule.)

Please note that the Tuesdays and Thursdays classes are switching effective May 6!  

If the below description is confusing, our calendar is up to date too:

TUESDAYS, 6pm – 7:15

Bhangra/Bollywood workout dance and choreography class

Session May 6 – June 24


This eight week session will consist of approximately 30 minutes of Bhangra / Bollywood workout-based dance with simple moves done with lots of repetition to fun songs, then we will work on choreography for the new song (Taxi Taxi)  for the upcoming performance season, including performance opportunities such as theMidnight Sun Festival and Tanana Valley Fair.


Performance is not required! But if you want to perform, you should attend all classes prior to the MSF performance and be able to obtain the required performance attire.  Our final class on June 26 class will include 30 minutes of workout-based dance, plus a review, mini-party and chance to watch the performance from the MSF.


Class fee: Pre-register by May 1st and pay just $90 for all eight weeks or pay $100 at the door the first day of class or two monthly payments of $55 due May 8 and June 5.  Drop in and punch cards accepted too.    This can be an add-on class to your session based tribal style belly dance  class fees as well.


TUESDAYS, 7:30 – 8:45

Performance Prep Class (ITS)

Duration May 6 – June 24

Required for all students that will be performing tribal style Bellydance this upcoming performance season, including performance opportunities such as the Midnight Sun Festival and Tanana Valley Fair.



THURSDAYS, 6pm – 7:15

Level 1/Level 2 – Just drills!

Duration May 8 – June 19 (no class May 22)

Good for anyone who has taken at least one session of Level 1 and understands the basics of tribal improvisation.  Options for Level 1 and Level 2 will be offered.   Special six week session.  Pre-register by May 1st and pay just $65 for all six weeks or pay $75 at the door the first day of class.  Drop in and punch cards accepted too.


THURSDAYS, , 7:30 – 8:45

Level 2/Level 3 – Drills and Zills!

Duration May 8 – June 19 (no class May 22)

This class is for anyone who has taken at least one session of Level 2, understand lead and follow and wants to learn some fun combination and formations.

Special six week session.  Pre-register by May 1st and pay just $65 for all six weeks or pay $75 at the door the first day of class.  Drop in and punch cards accepted too.

Space for Movement Studio is home to Tribal Wallah Dance Troupe and Dhol Wallah Dancers.

Tribal Wallah is an Improvisational Tribal Style Belly Dance (ITS) group. ITS is a fusion of belly dance styles, blending and combining an intoxicating and fantastic collage of costume, music, jewelry, props and dance with influences from the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Morocco.

The Dhol Wallah Dancers debuted at Midnight Sun Festival of 2013 and we are back with two numbers this year. Dhol Wallah Dancers perform Bhangra and Bollywood style dance.

All of our Wallah dancers compose a tribe that, like our dance, is a fusion of ages, cultures and stages of life.

In an attempt to simplify my life I’m going to try something new for the new year with regard to communication.  I’m going to have one group list for the performers, aka Tribal Wallah, and another one for all class-related info called “Space for Movement classes” (includes Tribal Style Belly Dance, Dance Conditioning and Bhangra & Bollywood Workout), and all communication regarding classes or performances will happen via those lists.  I’m also going to be moving over completely to Google groups which seems to be an easier interface to use even if you don’t have a Google / gmail account.  I’ve already added the ladies to the Tribal Wallah Google group that performed with us in the fall.  If you plan to perform with us in the Spring or Summer and have not previously performed with us, please let me know and I’ll add you to that list.   I do need to know within the month if you want to participate in the community recital, Cymbal Salaam, scheduled to be held Saturday, June 3rd.  Not only will you need to come to regular Tribal Style classes for your level, but you also need to attend Prep class on Sunday if you wish to perform.  
Everyone else that has been in one of my classes in the last six months will be added to the Space for Movement Google Group over the next week.  All my distribution lists will be deleted and this yahoo group will be archived and deactivated by the end of January.

If you are a student in one of our classes and would like to ask to be added to the studio email list, please contact us via email to Join Our Email List



1) Space for Movement Studio plans to focus on instruction rather than running a physical studio. Fewer classes, higher quality

2) Next Session of Tribal Style Level 1 starts Tuesday, January 6th
Class meets on Tuesdays, 6:00-7:15pm
$100 class fee (or $55 monthly) per 8 week session

3) Dance Conditioning . New class – enrolling now!
Class meets on Thursdays, 6:00 – 7:15pm
$55 per month / $15 drop-in

4) New payment options – paypal!
You may now pay for your classes in advance using paypal.
We still accept payments in the classroom.