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Effective May 1st our weekly schedule will be changing since we take weekends off for May and June and we do not offer classes in July and August.  I am trying to determine the best schedule for May and June to ensure each class has enough students enrolled to keep the class on the schedule, while trying to accommodate as many people’s schedules as possible.


Please take a moment to fill out this survey so I can determine the best schedule for our May/June classes.

Survey closes Friday, April 4th at 11:45 pm.



Please help us determine the best way to schedule our classes for this fall by answering the following short survey?

Sadly due to low attendance our weekly family dance is canceled effective immediately.

HOWEVER, we are planning on starting a Monthly Family Dance Hour and are looking for your feedback as to which day of the month and time works best! Please fill out this very, very short survey to help up decide when to hold our monthly family dance: